Fairness First

One important thing first: Our core business is NOT to earn money with our online casino setup fees! Our business model is designed to benefit on the long-term in a Win:Win relationship from your success (with a revenue share). By cooperating with us you can rely on a team which is communicative, dedicated, supportive and cooperative. If service quality is important for you, we are the partners to chose in the market.

Casino Professionals

We are specialized since more than 10 years in launching and operating white label casinos. But we do not sell you an illusion that a white label casino can be from the start a serious competitor to the since many years established online casinos which are generating hundreds of millions $ annual revenue. Thinking that would be naive and promoting such an idea to prospects (lie you) highly unfair. The truth is that the casino business requires hard work. No pain - no gain. In this context it is our aim to provide you a competitive casino platform and to equip you with effective marketing tools which are allowing you to target successfully to niche markets and/or to monetize effectively on your already existing gambling traffic, player databases or player community.

Fastest Setup in the Industry

Our casino products represent an innovative way to launch an online casino within a short period of time. For finding out which casino version is right for you, please take a look into our product line comparision.

You need more information? Please contact us via email at: info[at]winningstreak.biz or via Skype using the Skype ID: haraldengels.

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