Do You Need A Gaming License?

Online gambling is legally regulated only in a few countries (e. g. UK, France and Denmark). In most countries online gambling is interdicted or still unregulated. In countries where online gambling is regulated a national gaming license is required for offering gambling in a legal manner. This is leading to a situation where even big gaming companies don't acquire a license in/for all countries. Factually the majority of the global gambling market is still operating unregulated and without a for the target market valid national license.

A gaming license from e. g. Malta makes gambling fully legal only in Malta. Other countries must not and usually do not accept the gaming licenses which are issued by the gaming authorities of other countries - something what would be required for making most online gambling perfectly legal.

The main purpose of operating under the umbrella of a gaming license are the payment service provider (PSP) requirements. PSPs will not process money for online casinos which do not have a valid gaming license from a respected gaming authority. Popular licenses from respected online gaming licensing authorities are e. g.:

Most probably 90% of all online casinos are operating under one of the above listed gaming licenses which are all accepted by the PSPs. For applying to a gaming license (not required for our white label clients for whom we provide the gaming license) simply follow the links to the gambling authorities.

License Application

Applying for a gaming license is a costly and tedious procedure. Next to the license application itself you need:

  • Local company formation (usually with a local director)
  • Contracts with the payment service providers
  • Banking infrastructure
  • Payment processing
  • Fraud detection
  • Bookkeeping
  • Hosting
  • Game provider contracts
  • Software contracts

As our white label casino client (operator) you must not bother. You can focus to your casino marketing and your business development. We take care of the above listed tasks in a reliable and efficient manner so that you must not care about all the legal, financial and organizational requirements to operate an online casino.

What Is The Best Gaming License?

There is no "best gaming license". So more respected a gaming license is, so more restrictions you have in your online casino. Most of our white label casino clients (operators) are using our Curacao gaming license umbrella. The Curacao gaming licenses represent a for casino operators attractive mix between reputation and (not so much) restrictions. With a Curacao license you get for your casino the best global coverage and a wide array of support from PSPs.

For more details or requesting other licenses please get in touch with us.

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